Privacy Policy

User data collection on nice.

nice collects certain user data to improve the app experience only. We do not share nor sell user information with other parties.

The information nice collects includes user generated information such as location, gender, username, photos/tags/locations/etc that are liked in addition to any user generated tags.

With user permission, we also collect user contacts.

This information is used for one purpose only and that is to improve social interactions within nice. With this information users may easily find people to follow based on personal connections, location data and type of content they share with nice.

Our data is stored internally on our servers and in some minor cases we cooperate with Localytics, a mobile analytics company, to help us better understand our user base in order to provide the nicest possible experience.

Any data analysis is done anonymously.

Users may contact for any questions, including requests to delete nice accounts and user information.

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